Adam Weinstein

Home-style Buffet of Whut

1. Profile quote: “The only people for me are the mad ones”

2. Profile quote: “Life is too short”

3. Profile quote: “Life is what you make it”

4. Profile quote: “Life is all about what you make of it”

5. Profile quote: “Live life to its fullest”

6. Profile quote: “Live life with no regrets”

7. Profile quote: “No regrets”

8. Photo with horse

9. Photo with dog under 25 lbs

10. Photo with dog over 75 lbs

11. Photo in Halloween costume

12. Photo of you at engagement party and/or shower wearing a tan balloon penis with white balloon ejaculate


13. Your old wedding photo with your old husband in it

14. Your old wedding photo with your old husband cropped out of it

15. A black and white staged photo of you flexing your six-pack

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