Adam Weinstein

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Look, it’s not as if this whole mess or my peripheral role in it can get much more navel-gazelly, but I guess I have to say this: Some guy is posting dumb Kinja comments pretending to be me and stirring shit up. He is bad and I’ve asked to have him banned.

Most of the complaints I have about the direction of things — and I’m just one writer with a limited personal view! — are now being addressed, however painfully. Most of the people giving their industry to Gawker Media are good and talented, as I’ve written before, and it sucks that they’re going through a series of wringers right now. It also sucks that some schadenfreude-lapping antagonist is using my name to contrive more drama than there already is. “The Ghost of Adam Weinstein” is a rude fiction. I’m still alive and well. And very appreciative of all the readers who’ve said kind things about me and the institution, even as they offer very valid, pointed truths about my and my ex-colleagues’ shortcomings. So let’s just make sure everyone knows that if I have something more to say, I’ll say it here.


Now, let’s get back to talking about global conflict, police brutality, racial animus, political awfulness, and news-type junk that matters.

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