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Home-style Buffet of Whut
Home-style Buffet of Whut
Illustration for article titled Heroes Kevin Williamson Has Compared to Cliven Bundy, Ranked

1. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

2. Mahatma Gandhi

3. Thomas Jefferson

4. Franklin Roosevelt

5. George Washington

6. Henry David Thoreau

7. Paul Revere

8. The guys who died at the Alamo after being told it wasn't too smart to stay in the Alamo



1: Number of times Cliven Bundy refers to "the negro" in a rambling 90-second speech.


2: Number of times Cliven Bundy wishes "the negro" still picked cotton in forced commercial bondage in said speech.

5: Number of times Cliven Bundy alludes to the laziness of "the negro" in said speech.


4: Number of law enforcement officers this civilian Cliven Bundy supporter said he had "a clear shot" on with his semiautomatic AK-47 knockoff during the ranch standoff.

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