Did Rachel Dolezal Also Steal From a Famous (White, Male) Painter?

Everybody at this point knows of the crimes of Rachel Dolezal and how they’ve helped numerous digital media sites make their numbers for June. But is she guilty of more basic crimes? Like, say, plagiarizing her artwork in ironic fashion? The internet sure thinks so! Let’s explore this question. » 6/15/15 3:34pm 6/15/15 3:34pm

Gawker Heroes: Alice Munro

"A man can stand anything except a succession of ordinary days," Goethe supposedly said. Alice Munro is a woman. She endured a lot of ordinary days. She mastered the short story and won a Nobel for literature this year. She should be a fucking hero to every woman, Canadian, and would-be writer. » 12/20/13 12:57pm 12/20/13 12:57pm