Iran Claims U.S. Drone Killed Two of Its Military Advisers in Iraq

As nuclear negotiations between Iran and U.S. allies go down to the wire, the Islamic Republic has accused America of killing two of its advisers in the ground war in Iraq with an unmanned aerial vehicle—though U.S. officials say the allegation has no merit. » 3/30/15 11:33am Yesterday 11:33am

FBI Arrests National Guardsman and His Cousin For Trying to Join ISIS

Federal authorities late yesterday arrested Spc. Hasan Edmonds, 22, a Illinois Army National Guard soldier, and his cousin Jonas, 29, for attempting to join the Islamic State's anti-Western jihad, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. » 3/26/15 12:48pm Thursday 12:48pm

John Bolton Makes a Really Good Point in His Case for Bombing Iran

Post-peace hipster follicle-farm John Bolton is the latest contestant in the New York Times' "Who can write the insanest Strangelove shit about scary Persians?" sweepstakes, with an entry that concludes we must bomb... something somewhere. But if you pan this stream of consciousness long enough, a gold nugget turns up. » 3/26/15 11:42am Thursday 11:42am

Lindsey Graham Knows What's Up

» 3/23/15 1:37pm 3/23/15 1:37pm

Florida Orders Mental Exam for Worker Who Pushed Climate Change Agenda

Florida Gov. Rick Scott's unofficial official policy of climate denial has taken a turn for the bizarre: A high-level employee in the state Department of Environmental Protection now says he was suspended and told to get a medical evaluation for refusing to purge mentions of climate change from a state record. » 3/19/15 1:12pm 3/19/15 1:12pm

Tom Friedman Is Just Sayin': Why Don't We Arm ISIS?

Is the world flat enough for you yet? Do you require more flattening? 'Cause it can be arranged. Nay, it should be, according to Tom Friedman, who—and he's just spitballing here—wonders, in the New York Times, where he is paid to spitball for Pulitzers: "Should we be arming ISIS?" » 3/18/15 12:37pm 3/18/15 12:37pm

Gun Lobby Crushes Limits on Armor-Piercing Ammo That It Helped Create

As the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives prepares to defend his budget before angry pro-gun senators Thursday, the agency is hitting the brakes on a plan to ban a type of armor-piercing ammunition after pushback from gun activists, sources tell Gawker. » 3/10/15 3:32pm 3/10/15 3:32pm

"Religious Liberty" Fanboy: Gays "Don't Even Know What Gender They Are"

Georgia will deal with creeping sharia and marching socialism and also its unemployment rate—among the highest in the nation—just as soon as it passes this bill defending righteous, traditional Americans' freedom to hate gays. And how can anyone resist such a bill when proponents defend it as eloquently as this? » 3/05/15 3:28pm 3/05/15 3:28pm

What Is This David Brooks Column About?

We are people, and people have lives. Lives involve losses. Losses of friends, of loved ones, of children, of parents. Everybody everywhere feels something about some loss sometime in this interconnected age; maybe even you feel things. Maybe then, also, you can explain what the hell David Brooks is on about in this… » 3/04/15 6:20pm 3/04/15 6:20pm

George Washington Weighs in on Bibi Netanyahu's Speech to Congress

Arguments about the founding fathers' intent tend to be stupid. They are the province of elitist dullards and libertarian misrememberers. When not absurdly speculative, their cases ignore that our framers intended minorities and women to be chattel. But every so often, a framer speaks precisely to our modern condition. » 3/04/15 2:03pm 3/04/15 2:03pm

Aussie, 28, Is First Westerner Killed Fighting ISIS

Kurdish forces besieging an ISIS-held position Tuesday have confirmed that Ashley Johnston, 28, an Australian pictured above at right, was killed fighting with the Kurds, making him apparently the first English-speaking Westerner to die in combat against the Islamic State. » 2/27/15 12:53pm 2/27/15 12:53pm

Christian Fighters Abandon Anti-ISIS Kurd Group Because It's Communist

It takes a special kind of person to leave home and join a foreign militia to fight the theocratic brutes of the Islamic State's army. It takes an even more special person to realize, a little too late, that his chosen anti-ISIS militia holds a political and religious ideology that's as antithetical to his own as… » 2/27/15 12:43pm 2/27/15 12:43pm

Report: Bill O'Reilly Has Been Telling Lies About War Exploits, Too

"When hard news people deceive their viewers and readers to advance a political agenda, that's when the nation gets hurt," Fox News Sith lord Bill O'Reilly complained last week, after Brian Williams' high-profile face-plant. But a new report suggests O'Reilly's been similarly flogging a bogus story of military… » 2/19/15 6:48pm 2/19/15 6:48pm

A six-figure Beltway columnist for Bloomberg View with recent credibility issues essentially writes a press release for an anti-Obama, pro-Netanyahu push poll by a pro-Israel lobby group, and has his piece approvingly tweeted out by Bibi Netanyahu himself. Great work, everybody! » 2/19/15 12:44pm 2/19/15 12:44pm

Jeb Bush Vows to Be the Hypocritical Warmongerer America Needs

History's greatest democracy continued its love affair with hereditary monarchy Wednesday, as Jeb Bush captivated listeners with A Very Important Foreign Policy Speech full of original insights about being his own man and America needing leadership and believing that "weakness invites war … and strength encourages… » 2/18/15 2:19pm 2/18/15 2:19pm

Jonathan Franzen Is Still Mad at Jennifer Weiner, Modernity

If it feels like forever ago that Real Man of Genius Jonathan Franzen was extolling the virtues of obscure German pessimists, bitching about Teutonic women who wouldn't sleep with him, and picking lit fights with happy-endings cognoscente Jennifer Weiner, there is good news: Franzen has more thoughts on Weiner. » 2/13/15 2:20pm 2/13/15 2:20pm

It's Really Hard to Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun License

We don't know for sure whether, when Craig Stephen Hicks allegedly set out to kill his neighbors Tuesday night, he was targeting them as Muslims or he was "merely" pent up about the parking situation at his condo complex. What we do know is that he seems to have been a visibly unstable, volatile man, and he was… » 2/13/15 2:00pm 2/13/15 2:00pm

Senator "Duped" Into Using Old Photos to Promote New War With Russia

This afternoon, the Washington Free Beacon published EXCLUSIVE photos, obtained by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), that purportedly showed new Russian aggression in Ukraine and vindicated Inhofe's case for U.S. intervention. Apparently, neither Inhofe's staff nor the Beacon bothered with a Google reverse image search. » 2/12/15 5:05pm 2/12/15 5:05pm